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When some lawyers attain a level of success and notoriety working for other entities, such individuals might opt to start their own law firm. That activity, however, requires that certain important steps be followed in order to do so successfully.


The market can quickly become flooded with law firms and practices offering services in a particular tenet of the law. Successful individualized firms might become successful by specializing in one specific area of the law. For example, a lawyer might have an extensive background in personal injury law. However, this individual might be better suited to focus on a specific aspect of personal injury law such as traumatic brain injuries.

Avoiding conflicts

While beginning one’s own firm is an exciting endeavor, those who execute this action will still be expected to exit their previous employment professionally and ethically. Those in the know suggest such professional conflicts can be avoided by reading the American Bar Association’s Rules For Professional Conduct.

Creating a professional website

Designing a professional website is crucial to individuals starting new law firms. A new firm’s online presence should highlight the team’s area of specialty, provide easy access to important links, offer several methods of contact, discuss the previous successes of team members and explain pertinent legal topics.

Continuing to build people skills

Naturally, an attorney’s greatest asset is their knowledge of the law. That said, however, strong personal skills can prove just as critical to building new clients and maintaining old ones. It can be paramount for lawyers establishing new firms to enthusiastically practice skills like politeness, professionalism, punctuality, empathy, courtesy, and diplomacy.

Choosing a strategic location

Everyone has heard the old real estate philosophy about “location, location, location.” The same principle applies to establishing a new legal firm. The location within where its headquarters will be placed could be a major determining factor in its level of success. The optimal areas to place new law firms are in city centers that are easily accessible.

Planning ahead

Beginning a new law firm requires much more than an abundant knowledge of the law. A firm is a business. A significant amount of planning must go into establishing any business. Prospective new firm leaders are encouraged to carefully map out issues such as costs, firm size, and location well in advance of their intended opening.